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Laura Phan, M.D.
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Laura Phan, M.D.

Our COVID-19 Protocol

To limit the risks of COVID-19 spread in our community while meeting our patients' needs and resuming in-office evaluation, our office will be implementing the following.

1. When making or confirming appointments over the phone, we will be asking whether patient has cough, fever and shortness of breath or been in contact with someone with those symptoms. We will reschedule the patient two weeks after being asymptomatic while referring the patient to the PCP if the answer is affirmative to any of the above.

2. If patient needs to bring a companion, only one companion may come up to the office. All others will have to wait in the car to allow for 6-feet distancing.

4. Because of the limited available appointments to allow for 6-feet distancing, the office will be enforcing our $100-no show fee or late cancellation. Late cancellation includes cancelling or rescheduling less than two business days of appointment. All appointments must be confirmed electronically or by phone two business days before appointment. If not confirmed, the appointment will be cancelled by the office.

5. New Patient Packet must be completed as thoroughly as possible and returned to the office along with copies of insurance cards one week prior to appointment. New Patient Packet can be found on our website or OnPatient and returned to the office via email, fax, or OnPatient. OnPatient is a secure portal to patient's electronic medical record and for rapid messaging to the doctor and staff. We strongly encourage patient to use OnPatient for less surface contact and efficiency. If patient is unable to complete the packet prior to the appointment, the new patient registration may be done electronically on a tablet.

6. On the day of appointment, once patient arrives the parking lot, patient may check-in by logging into OnPatient with smartphone. If patient does not have access to this, please call the office to check-in. Changes in insurance, address, phone number, PCP, pharmacy, etc may be done via OnPatient or over the phone at this point. If patient has Apple pay or credit card with chip, staff will collect the out-of-pocket cost when patient comes up. Otherwise, staff will do it over the phone with credit card number. We will limit handling cash.

7. We ask that patient wait in car until staff calls patient to come up.

8. If it is necessary for patient to wait in the waiting room, we ask patient to keep 6 feet distancing by standing or sitting at designated X's.

9. We will be checking patient’s temperature upon arrival with no-touch thermometer scanner. If the reading is 100 degrees or above, we will have to cancel appointment and refer patient to PCP.

10. We ask that patient use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the office. Sanitizers are available in every room as well as the hallway.

11. We will refrain from handshaking.

12. We will keep front and hallway doors open to avoid handling of door knobs.

13. We will disinfect surfaces and objects, such as door handles, front desk area, pens, clipboards, exam and other patient chairs, and all exam equipments after each patient.

14. We will avoid touching our eyes, nose, or mouth and ask patient to do the same.

15. We will wear and discard gloves and wash our hands between patients.

16. We will wear masks and ask patients and companions to cover their faces at all times, unless instructed otherwise.

17. We will cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard it and wash or sanitize our hands afterwards and ask patient to do the same.

18. We will eliminate all samples, reading materials and tablets in waiting area.

We know that these measures can be a nuisance, but we also know they help our first responders and community at large. We are confident that, with such measures, we will continue to keep you safer as well. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish every one health and safety.