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Laura Phan, M.D.
Laura Phan, M.D.
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Laura Phan, M.D.

Botox® and Dysport® are neuromodulators that have radically changed the ways we prevent and treat unwanted wrinkles. They are the most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide and require little to no recovery time. They have a satisfaction rate close to 98%. Muscles are selectively relaxed to soften unwanted facial lines and wrinkles of the eyes, eyebrows and forehead. The treatments last 3 to 6 months, but the muscles continue to relax some even after the treatment period. The treatments should be performed regularly to maintain optimal control of lines and wrinkles and achieve permanent softening of the lines. The art is in customizing each treatment to allow for a natural, youthful appearance.

What can I expect during the treatment?
Typically numbing cream is not needed as ultra-fine needles are used to place the product under the skin. If patients prefer, numbing cream can be applied 15-20 minutes prior to treatment. Icing to the areas to be treated may help with discomfort and bruising. There may be minor discomfort during the injections (like getting eyebrows plucked). When patients leave the office, they will have no discomfort, but may have few tiny pink bumps where the injections took place. These will fade quickly. Make-up can be applied immediately if necessary.

When will I see the effect of neuromodulators?
Typically, it takes 2-4 days for the neuromodulators to start working, peaks at 2 weeks, and lasts between 3 and 6 months.

What are the side effects? How can I prepare for treatment?
The side effects of neuromodulators are minimal and rare. There is a small chance of a bruise at the site of the injection. Patients are asked to avoid baby aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, and fish oil 10 days before and may resume these medications the following day. You will need to remain upright for a few hours following the procedure and avoid strenuous exercise and rubbing in the treated areas for the rest of that day.

Rarely, patients report a mild headache after injections. This responds to over the counter medications like Tylenol and resolves quickly. In clinical trials, it is reported that approximately 1% of patients nationwide can develop a slight lowering or drooping of one eyelid when injecting above or around the eyelid. This is temporary and will completely resolve in 2-4 weeks.