Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
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  • Lisa is our administrative/billing specialist and has completed her billing and medical coding certification since 2012. Lisa loves working here, especially using her expertise to help patients navigate through the nuances of insurance plans. Lisa considers every claim denial she overturns is a victory for our patients. When not battling with insurance plans, Lisa likes to cook and comb the beach with her two daughters. As a mother, Lisa hopes to instill in her daughters the respect for others and placing the needs of others beyond oneself. This is how Lisa treats all of our patients.

  • Rochella is our clinical coordinator. Rochella has graduated from the University of California at Davis in June 2018 with a B.S. in Human Development. Rochella finds such fulfillment advocating for patients and guiding them through surgery that she is in the process of applying to physician assistant programs to become a greater advocate for her patients. In her free time, Rochella enjoys playing with her three wonderful dogs, a German Shepard, a Pomeranian-golden retriever mix, and a Maltese. Rochella also enjoys playing volleyball and all 100 of her board games. Unlike her sweet self at the office, Rochella is a foe to be reckon with during the games.