Ectropion is when the eyelid turns out, exposing the inner portion of the eyelid as well as the eye to the air. This causes dry eye, burning, grittiness, redness, blurry vision, and tearing. Ectropion can be repaired by a number of procedures, depending on its cause, which ranges from laxity of the eyelid from aging to skin shortening from chronic inflammation, sun exposure or scaring. For laxity alone, the eyelid may be tightened to the orbital rim with a suture through a small incision at the lateral canthus (the outside corner of the eye). If there is also skin shortening, a skin graft will be placed to lengthen the eyelid vertically. If there is lack of tissue support in the eyelid and/or at the orbital rim, an internal implant may be placed in the eyelid to further push the eyelid up. This is typically done in conjunction with the other procedures.