Skin care is a two pronged process: 1) to protect and prevent damage and 2) to repair and improve skin health and function.

Skin care regimens start with a mild cleanser. Most bar soap are too strong for the skin. Washing with warm water and a gentle cleanser removes dirt and oil from the skin and prepares it for other products. A broad spectrum sunscreen is the single most important component of your skin regimen since it helps protect the skin from photo damage. An appropriate sunscreen should include either a physical blocker of UV radiation like zinc or titanium dioxide or a chemical blocker such as avobenzone (parasol). An SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or greater is optimal. In addition to sunscreen, topical antioxidants like vitamin C and copper peptide help remove free radicals in the superficial skin and prevent damage. These products also seem to have effects in improving cellular function as well.

To repair damage, three types of products are the mainstay in skin rejuvenation:
1) exfoliation via alpha hydroxyl acids
2) pigment suppression via hydroquinone
3) retinoids to improve the function of fibroblast, the cell that makes collagen, an important component of the skin that gives volume.

Volume is the key to youthful appearance.